Layer Break

Can anyone help me?
I’m searching for a burning software for DL media.
I have decided to try CopyToDVD.
My questions are:

  1. CopyToDVD insert the layer break info in the IFO file?
  2. CopyToDVD split the files on a cell boundary?
  3. If the cell marked with the layer break is present in more than one PGC CopyToDVD mark the cell in each PGC?


You can use DVD Decrypter to properly burn/handle the layer break on DVD+R DL video discs!
Select the MDS file when choosing the source to burn.

It is also important to use the right discs. Verbatims are the only ones to be universally supported by all DL writers right now. There have been many issues with Ritek DL discs.

Burned a few Verbatim DL discs with no problem on NEC 3500AG with dvd decryptor…
But the traxdata DL i tried failed at the layer break same burner and software…

Hello, Rosario. I made working BACK-UP COPIES OF DVD-VIDEOS using dvddecrypter using Mode ISO-READ and ISO-WRITE. The copies work fine on an original playstation2 V7. I used Verbatim DVD+R dual layer.

I’ve successsfully backed up a couple of DL discs using CopyToDVD, whereas Nero has failed me on 50% of occasions. Can’t say where the layer breaks are occurring though…

Out of interest (I am interested in what burners can handle what double layer media) what discs did you use
I know your drive is LG from previous post