Layer Break Problem



I am a newbie so please take it easy on me.

Dell XPS with 400 Philips DVD 9701
Software AnyDVD & Clone DVD2 (both latest versions)
Stand Alone Player (More than one but main one is) Panasonic F87
Media Verbatium DVD+R DL

I burn with CloneDVD2 and write with the same.
Settings AnyDVD Slow and Quiet (Did try it faster but had some image problems.)
Burn on Clone DVD2 2-2.4 (Did try it faster but had some image problems.)

Problem, any DVD9 copy (I don’t remove anything) seems to lock up on the layer change, I can’t FF but I can chapter skip then rewind just about to the freeze point and watch the rest. All is flawless except what I believe to be the layer change. Always around the 1:30 mark so far.

Everything is flawless except what I believe to the layer change.

Any thoughts experts?



If you are not removing anything it might be worth giving CloneCD (yes, it also does DVD’s) a try as this does not change the layer break - or you could also try DVDDecryper in read ISO/ write ISO mode, this also does not modify this layer break position.


@ Rockets,

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You have established that you are using Verbatim DVD DL+ Media, which is excellent DL DVD Media.

Perchance have you reviewed the PC World article, which addresses the importance of using the latest current DVD Burner Firmware?,115672,00.asp

Perchance have you ensured that your DVD Burner has the latest current Firmware installed? It is quite possible that your DVD Burner Firmware does not contain the latest burning strategy for your Verbatim DVD DL+ Media, which could possible cause layer break difficulties.

If you are unable to determine the current version number of your DVD Burner Firmware a software utility program similar to DVD Identifier ( or DVDInfo ( will reveal this information.

Also suggest viewing the below current Forum posting which address another Forum Member with similar problems.

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Yes, maybe a firmware upgrade would help in case you don’t have the latest one. But honestly for DL backups i wouldn’t choose clonedvd, i’d recommend you to use dvddecrypter/Imgburn in Iso mode or as an alternative clonecd.


Thanks, For a guy with limited knowledge you hit it on the head. DVDDecryper and Imgburn worked great

Thanks for your time.