Layer break on dual layer DVDs?

Could the layer break on a dual layer DVD+R cause any problems?

If I want to burn two 3GB files onto a dual layer DVD+R disc, is there any way in ImgBurn to have it burn one file onto one layer, and the other file onto the other layer, so that neither file touches the layer break?

Nope, shouldnt be necessary at all.
BTW, Dual Layer is DVD-R DL and needs no layer break point.
A normal drive should easily compensate the layer break “switch time”.

Thanks. I guess I meant “double layer” instead of “dual layer”, since I have a batch of DVD+R DL coming in.

Just try it, DL is not that expensive anymore these days.
I hope you have Verbatims.

Yes, it is Verbatim. :slight_smile:

The Verbatim DL seems to be 4X more expensive than regular DVD. Perhaps I’m shopping at the wrong places?

DL is DVD9, normal DVD is Single-sided and DVD5, can hold up to 4.38GB.

ImgBurn will give you a list of possible layer break positions. Most will be very close to 50% of the data being burned. There is no guarantee that it will split exactly between the two files.

The layer break is just where data being burned to the disk goes from the first dye layer of the disk to the second dye layer. Unless these are dvd-video, you shouldn’t have a problem with position of the layer break. DVD-video has to have the layer break positioned on a cell boundary and the cell must be on the edge of an ECC block

Right now I am just going to burn some video files (.MKV and .MP4), but I guess those wouldn’t be considered DVD-Video, right? If I wanted to burn DVD-Video, would I have to use something besides ImgBurn (I don’t see anything specific for DVD-Video in ImgBurn)?

MKV and MP4 files are not dvd-video. So you shouldn’t experience any problems burning these to DL disks.

ImgBurn is actually the best program for burning dvd-video to DL disks that I know of. It will set the layer break correctly [B]automatically[/B] if it is at all possible to find the proper position.

I want to burn some .MPG files onto a dual layer DVD. Each file is about 1.6Gb and the idea is to get 4 of them onto the disc - 2 files on each layer and avoid having the layer break in the files. I do not want to burn them in DVD-Video format (that is, as .VOB files with menus and the like and the VIDEO_TS structure and all that - just a data file with the .MPG files on it).
I understand that such a disc is a data disc rather than a DVD-Video disc even though the files themselves are video data. All the info I’ve found about setting the layer break point (ImgBurn and so on) seems to relate to DVD Video rather than the data setup I want.
I’m assuming that burning the files by drag and drop in Windows 7 (32 bit) will just burn the data sequentially until the first layer is exhausted then insert the layer break and continue on burning the second layer. This would put the break a bit over halfway through the third file and leave about 2 Gb spare on the second layer.
Is there a way around this - perhaps by burning the discs using some specific software?
Any suggestions on this would be greatly appreciated.

Just burn it like a simple data disc with ImgBurn, there is no need to care about layer break, ImgBurn will burn it properly.

That’s what I was hoping to hear. Thanks heaps.
Will try it later today.