Layer Break on Data CD?

I would like to burn a DL disk of just data using my Sony DRX-700UL. I would like to master an ISO first using mkisofs and know that “layer break” is a concern for videos, but is it a problem for data disks?

What determines the layer break anyways, is it something in the ISO or is it determined by the burning software?


i think you should be able to create the iso then burn it with dvd decrypter and let decrypter automatically adjust layer break for you. therez a setting in decrypter for layer break.

The layer break issue is only for video. If it happens at the wrong place you will see a glitch in the video. This is not a problem with data discs. Each sector of data on the disc has a unique address number so even if a file spans 2 layers the drive will be able to read it as if it was on 1 layer.

Great RichMan! Thanks for the reply. That’s the info I needed!