Layer break flag removal possible

One of the features listed for CloneDVD 2 is “Layer break flag removal possible”

Can anyone give me instructions on how to do this?

Layer break removal is done automatically when needed, with CloneDVD2.
AnyDVD preserves the layer break as original.

I’m a bit of a newbie, using AnyDVD and CloneDVD2.

I’m having a problem with DVD+R DL copying. During playback, at the layer break, my DVD player hangs. I can workaround this problem by skipping to next chapter then rewinding back to just after the layer break. Play continues as normal.

Is there anything I can do to prevent this behavior of the DVD “stopping” at the layer break?

yes use clonecd when using DVD+R DL or use DVD-R DL when using clonedvd2

I never had luck using AD and CDVD. Always have had to use Decryptor and Imageburn.

That is because CloneDVD2 does not preserve the layer break - the best solution is to use DVDDecrypter or CloneCD as they both keep the layer break in the original position.

If you want to use CloneDVD and preserve the layerbreak, Tru has told us that you can use AnyDVD to copy the VIDEO_TS folder to the hard drive(which preserves the layer break) and then use CloneDVD’s write existing data function to write it to a dual layer disc. I personally prefer to simply use CloneCD for this but if all you have is AnyDVD and CloneDVD and want to preserve the layer break, that’s a way to do it.

No dis intended, you are almost always correct. But you misinterpreted what Tru said, which is easy because it is a complex subject and Tru’s answer style is always very brief. I querried him on the specific of what he really meant. I’ll try to find that exact query post when I get back from the dentist in a few hours … two similar links are below. I seached in the CloneDVD threads and have to find that post in the AnyDVD threads I think … anyway…

Actually, Tru said that CloneDVD [I]will[/I] [I]always[/I] repostition the original layer break from a movie ripped with AnyDVD. CloneDVD, under [I]all[/I] circumstances, will automatically insert a layer break that differs from the original. A transcoder always sets it’s own layer break automatically. In CloneDVD’s case, it will be at the end of the chapter closest to the original’s break. Hense the reason for CloneCD’s recent update.

There is nothing wrong with CloneDVD’s automatic layer break (nowadays). Your player will transition to the second layer of your backup just fine. The only problem is that CloneDVD’s transition is made without intelligence ie it could be in the middle of an action scene and be very apparent and even not aesthetically pleasing. When the original movie was mastered to DVD, they chose a very subtle placement for the layer break in a “quiet” scene. On many movies you don’t even notice because the break was made with “intelligence”.

Give this post a read:
Here is the whole thread:

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Whisperer1, thanks for the reply. I was basing my info on this:

Since AnyDVD is supposed to preserve the layer break information, I was assuming that the write existing data function in CloneDVD wouldn’t modify it. No??

Correct answer is “no”. the layer break will change. Gotta run to the dentist now… back later to cont…

Hmm, ok. I will have to retract my previous statements on this matter. :slight_smile:

Ok found it in the “Copy DVD Movie” main area. I was searching the CloneDVD and AnyDVD sub-forum areas.

My question to Tru:
His answer:
The whole thread:

I also found an enjoyable wealth of off topic layer break discussion and information on this thread which heralded the arrival of AnyDVD’s release of version Both James and Tru participated.


Thanks for the links. I wasn’t overly clear if he was referring to the Write Existing Data option if CloneDVD wasn’t used for the ripping process, though. I will take your word for it but I’m still not entirely clear on that point.

With me, it took awhile, but it [I]finally[/I] sunk in that no rewriting of CloneDVD code etc or any method of ripping of an ISO with another program and burning with Write Existing Data could [B]EVER[/B] make CloneDVD preserve the original (discreet, intelligent) layer break because that one function is outside of the ability of [I]ANY[/I] transcoding program. It is not the design or purpose of a transcoder to preserve the original layer break. It is the wrong software to use for what I have labeled a 1:1 mirror copy. It’s design is to alter (not preserve) an original to our preferences.

There was a member (we all disliked him, I think he got banned) a while back who [I]kept telling me[/I] that a transcoder can’t do this or that but he was so socially inept and had such an irritating style of communication and bluntness that I just ignored anything that he posted to me. But he was correct. A transcoder like CloneDVD has the express purpose of changing the original for purposes of removing unwanted titles and tracks … because of this ability, it can NEVER make a true 1:1 copy of an original simply because of it’s inherant design. Notice that CloneCD has no ability to remove titles … it is not a transcoder and thus can make a 1:1 mirror. And [B][I]THAT[/I][/B] [I]is[/I] what I want for DL backups.

Tru doesn’t like to suffer the extra stuff (warnings, previews etc) and would rather suffer and indiscreet, “automatic” placement for the layer transition. But AnyDVD removes the User Prohibited limitations of the original so on the backup, one can just remote-jump past the trash and get to the menu. This is most excellent! … and a small price to pay for keeping the discreet original layer break. … for me anyway.

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I totally get what you’re saying 100%. BUT, there is a distinction that I want to make here. I’m not trying to argue at all, I’m seriously trying to understand something. (You know me from my posts…I don’t generally try to cause problems and am not trying to be a pain in the ass on this…I’m just trying to get it through my head). We were told that AnyDVD preserves the layer break information…now maybe that’s incorrect, I don’t know. Now, supposing this is true and I copy the entire VIDEO_TS folder to the hard drive with either drag and drop or using the Rip VIDEO-DVD to harddisk feature, and I then open CloneDVD and simply use the write existing data function(notice, no transcoding and no ripping with CloneDVD…just straight up using it as a burning engine with NO modification at all to the data), that would not preserve the layer break info? (Seriously, I’m not trying to be difficult! :slight_smile: )

This is only an area of fascination for me as I use CloneCD to do all my DL backups and have 0 problems with it. But I know there are others that have AnyDVD and CloneDVD kicking around and I was thinking this might be a way for them to be able to preserve the original layer break info without having to purchase CloneCD or use Reason’s DVD Decrypter approach. It’s not that either of those are bad approaches, but, as we all know, the more options open to us the better.

Thanks for your patience with me on this. :slight_smile: It’s appreciated.


Isnt GregRocket’s question about how to remove the layer-break-flag and not the layer break itself?

The flag itself can be removed quite easily with pcgedit…

GregRocket - Is the layerbreak flag causing you some issues?


I just typed a long post back to you but the text got lost when I tried to post it. What is with bloody cdf always bumping me off the site by telling me i am not logged on!!! Then not allowing me to back-up and retrieve my unposted text! I can’t tell you how many posts I have lost in two years. What business is it of cdf to bump us off being logged on??? A curse on thine functionality! Might thou hang alive till famine clings thee!

I just cannot go through typing all that out again!! So suffice it to say CloneDVD under [B]all[/B] circumstances changes the original layer break. Period. It cannot be used as a “straight up” burning engine for purposes of preserving the placement of the original’s layer transition point. Think of it this way. DVDDecrypter chose to include a rip and burn in file mode feature [I]and[/I] a rip and burn in ISO mode (preserves the layer break) into the same program. (Although I have never used DVDD, I hope I am correct about these two functions.) (CloneDVD’s write to ISO mode does not preserve the layer break.) And using CloneDVD for burning something else’s rip won’t change that. Transcoders choose automatic placement of layer breaks … period. Slysoft chose to put those two DVDD features into two different programs instead of one program: CloneDVD and CloneCD … separate but equal but for different purposes.

Why does this friggin’ site bump me off all the time? I’d like a moderator to explain that to me please. Excuse me but I’m real p*ssed off and am leaving.


CDF is having SERIOUS freaking problems today. I didn’t even get a notification email for this post which is a bad sign. I’m guessing hosting and/or database problems?? Ugh.

Anyway, I appreciate your time on this and sorry about the frustration of a lost post. I really wasn’t trying to be difficult at all…I just wanted to make sure we were on the same page. I guess for me I’ll stick to what I know works…CloneCD with AnyDVD on Verbatim DL discs for the win! WOO HOO! :slight_smile: It would be nice to remove all the extra crap and keep the original layer break, but, whatever. I can live with PUO removal and hitting the menu button. :slight_smile: I only use DL backups for LARGE movies anyway. But I am still quite new to the whole DL thing, so, I’m still learning. I like to try to understand as much as possible so I can pass that on to other people who have questions or problems. Hence my undying curiosity on this issue. :slight_smile: I’ve updated all my incorrect posts that I could find on this subject and pointed them to this thread, so, if anyone was mislead by what I said in any of those posts, I sincerely apologize and hope I didn’t cause too big of a headache. Thanks again!

I would LOVE to know how you got CloneCD to rip your DVD! I’m certain I’m missing something, but when I attempted to rip a long DVD movie with Clone (ver. 5281) and AnyDVD (ver. 5956) running, it started spitting out sectors it was attempting to copy; i.e. “failed to read sector xxxx” over and over. I even tried ripping different discs with both my Plex 716 and shiny new Sony DRX-810UL flashed for Benq 164B BEGB. Nada, bupkis.

Since I began putzing with DL media, I’ve noticed some nasty layer breaks, though much less when using DVDD and IMGBurn. After reading this thread, I thought CloneCD might be the missing link… :frowning:

Any clues would be appreciated.