Lawyer: SOPA anti-piracy proposal is First Amendment-approved



Lawyer: SOPA anti-piracy proposal is First Amendment-approved.

[newsimage][/newsimage]With PROTECT IP on hold, the Motion Picture Association of America has thrown its support behind Congressman Lamar Smith's new Stop Online Piracy Act. The organization and its affiliates asked respected intellectual property and First Amendment lawyer Floyd Abrams to read through the bill and discern if it was constitutionally sound.

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Well well, ain’t that extremely convenient…


Money makes the world go round and apparently is the only thing that makes congress move at all. More money more movement. For enough money they would sell the country, and they have been for some time.

This is not the only scary things the government is doing, they want to make it illegal to violate the TOS on a website. Federal crime to have a fake facebook account, lie about marketing information? I wonder how much that is costing Facebook.