Lawsuit: Dell covered up faulty computer issues



Lawsuit: Dell covered up faulty computer issues.

[newsimage][/newsimage]When a batch of bad capacitors put millions of Dell computers at risk for failure, the company made excuses and tried to hide the problem's true nature, according to a lawsuit.

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thats one reason I chose HP instead of Dell. I hate them with a passion & will never buy from them!


Wow. Dell has gone straight to pot!


Yeah DELL has been bad for ages this isn’t any thing new or surprising to me.

HP did well on moving into laptops they cornered the market. But I still find Lenovo (IBM) to be one of the best even though there to popular.


I have only heard rumours about Dell’s Computers, at one time I was serously thinking of buying one, thank heavens I didn’t, don’t need the headaches.