Lawsuit against reporter reveals Righthaven's sketchy tactics



Lawsuit against reporter reveals Righthaven’s sketchy tactics.

[newsimage][/newsimage]Righthaven, the so-called “copyright enforcement” company which questionably obtains and defends copyrights on articles and images for American newspaper mogul Stephens Media, is at it again. This time, the trolls have targeted a freelance writer for Ars Technica for alleged misuse of a photograph in a story about Righthaven suing the Drudge Report.

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Let’s review, courts and lawsuits are public knowledge, they copied the photo out of a public record about a public lawsuit. See where I’m going with this. Just another case of corporations crapping on little people because they think they are to poor to file suit. If I were in this reporters shoes, I’d file a countersuit and give them a good number, say 75 trillion dollars, see if they backdown then. Copyright ownerships are getting out of hand and need to be dealt with besides the corporate whores who call themselves Supreme Court Justices.