Laws for lending burned games?



I can almost garuntee this question has been asked before but I could not find it. So I’ll ask it again.

What is the law right now for burning PC games and lending them to a friend? I have a friend who wants to try HL2 but I am still using it. And probably will be for a while yet! Fun Fun! :cool:
Thanks for any help, and sorry if this is a repost.


In principle, not allowed.
You are usually only allowed to install software on 1 PC at a time.

The specifics of each license are determined in the End User License Agreement (EULA). It is possible that it allows the software to be installed on 1 PCs at the same time, but this is unlikely…especially in this case.


When software use licences were a new thing, the big phrase in many of them were, “as a book, like a book.” Said printed book can NOT be in two places at the same time, and can NOT be READ by two people in two different places at the same time. Depending on the EULA, some actualy allow you to install the software on two different machines, but that applies primarily to business use software. (Microsoft Office was one of the first to do this.) This allowed the guy that uses Office at work to install it on his home machine as well so that he doesn’t need to buy two copies of the software to work on one project. It is also outlined that the machine it’s installed on at work MUST be his personal machine, and NOT used by others in his absense. Where ANY game is concerned, however, there is no real reason to incorperate this type of licence. In other words, “What Taxman said.” lol

This is definately NOT legal.



Never mind the fact if its a store bought copy of HL2 will not allow you to install it on two different PCs. Even after you get done playing it from what I’ve read. May someone else can explain why. Like I said I just read about it I didn’t try it myself.


Actually if finished with it can be transfered to someone else, at a cost ofcourse after all we know how hard it is for them to make money when their games are so cheap (spot sarcasim moment).

With HL2 this is supposed to be even more difficult due to the forced internet access needed for the game. This put me off buying it for my cousin as a christmas present, as they have a PC but no broadband and sorting out n dial up would be rediculous.