Lawrence Lessig: The "Dinosaurs" are taking over

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jsl used our newssubmit to tell us that Stanford University law professor Lawrence Lessig is fearing the current power struggle in the digital entertaiment industry and has announced he will fight…

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Copy protections hurt three people and neither of them are priates or hackers. First, the people that actually purchase the product. The copy protections make the product harder to use, and they can’t back it up in case something goes wrong. It also hurts the Entertainment industry. Because they’ll spend millions or even billions fighting piracy, and licensing new copy protections, that don’t work, and that will be hacked. Finally it hurts the hardware companies because they won’t be able to bring us things like CD burners to back up our stuff, or DVD+RW drives. They’ll only be able to produce what the Government says and the Government is slow and progress will become that way too. However, it won’t hurt the pirates or hackers because copy protection is easily hacked. One company with a copy protection product can’t compete against an entire Internet trying to hack it. Hackers will just fly right by the copy protection, get whatever they want, and everyone else will be screwed. They need to find a better solution.

Wise words from Yoda

Come to think of it, it hurts the consumers twice. Once when they can’t back up or use their product, and again when the Entertainment industry charges them more for copy protections that don’t work. And artists because their work may end up looking defective if the copy protections don’t work. Then people won’t buy as much, and what they do buy, more of the profits will be used for copy protections that don’t work. Instead of going to the artists.