Lawmakers target phone exclusivity

I just posted the article Lawmakers target phone exclusivity.

Exclusive cell phone agreements, like those between Apple and AT&T, may be under scrutiny if John Kerry and three other U.S. Senators get their way.

In a letter, the senators ask the…

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Good, I hope they do something about it. Not only that, but they also need to investigate into purposely overcharging for phones! These cell phone companies jack up the price of a phone sometimes $400+ to buy right out so you go for the lower 2 year lock in contract and sometimes expensive data plan rate. Even their regular phones are jacked up nearly $300 if not more. They jack it up so high, that you are forced to get a 2 year contract with them.

Couldn’t agree more on this. I wanted unlimited texting but that would cost me 40 per phone and I have 2 on a family plan and already get unlimited calling after all that and before taxes it would cost me over 200.00 USD. Unlimited texting should be included too in the inlimited calling plans. Then there is that to use internet on most newer phones you have to have it to even place a call this is wrong.

You got it. Texting is such a scam and rip-off. It takes nothing for their network to handle a text data message. People pay it so they think, “hey, if they are dumb enough to pay for it, then why not?”

That’s why I use google voice and text for free :slight_smile:

My friend informed me of this it made news but i havent heard much since.

The reason they charge was said to be that they feared lower voice plans where people would text message instead of chating. So they charge for it.

Data plans are too expensive. If you want any of the smartphones, you have to sign up for a data plan. I remember when unlimited texting was $10. Now, its too expensive.