Lawmaker tries to foil illegal file-sharing - Hack P2P!

I just posted the article Lawmaker tries to foil illegal file-sharing - Hack P2P!.

The Washington Post reports that US Rep. Howard Berman wants to introduce a bill that would allow copyright holders (e.g the RIAA and/or MPAA) to use technology to disturb file-sharing…

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:)sounds good to me to bad it wouldn’t affect me.

Gotta love how those filthy bastards think.:r SO now if someone doesn’t want to pay top dollar for cd’s they think that they should have their computers attacked and their privacy completely invaded. Thier greedy business plan no longer works. Why cant they just accept that and try to evolve rather than attempt to legalize something that is unethical.

This technique only slow down the Internet due to a severe waste of bandwidth for redownloading corrupt files. :c What likely will happen is that people with high speed connections will repeatedly download multiples of the same song in an attempt to obtain a working copy. The user will still end up getting their song, but after wasting loads of bandwidth! DSL & Cable modem users: If this technique goes ahead, say goodbye to the high speed downloads. :frowning:

Surely the key to this is two fold, firstly don’t share corrupt files or file are not what they say. This is already common practice for some reason. The other is to log user IDs that are sharing duff files. These could even be published on the web. OK they can change user names at will, but ultimately it would all have to be managed by these companies, taking up their valuable time and money…SHAME!

This sort of stupid bloody idea is only going to shake off one or two users who simply don’t have the time to search around or can’t be bothered looking anyway. It WON’T deter the hardcore downloaders one iota. They simply don’t get it do they? “Let’s make all systems useless… let’s make all downloads impossible… let’s make them seach page after page after page… let’s corrupt our own direct links to fool Joe Bloggs into thinking he’s got a good file…” etc. etc. I can just see them now… all sitting round their oval tables in their HUGE meeting rooms, glasses of wine, sherry or whatever, cigars in their traps and their blotting paper at the ready. Pens in hand they wait for the bigwig to say “OK lads, start pen pushing those ideas…”. And what do we get? More stupid bloody attempts at creating a bigger utopia for the fat cats!!! Keep smiling : Their world WILL fall apart soon - it’s odds on. :8

They have already STARTED using dummy files though! Try using kazaa to find the new nonpoint cd or the new type o negative single. WHat they have done is this: Make a mp3 that’s exactly the length it should be to convince people that it’s the real deal, only upon playback, it’s the first 15 or so seconds of the song looped over and over. This is dumb.

I just got it too. Please anyone who has it please delete it, don’t let spread like a RIAA VD.

So that would be Gono RIAA :wink:

Cheers to the first team to create a P2P service with authentication (CRC or something similar). :slight_smile:

I wish the downloaders the best of luck at getting their full song with high quality. It will just be an annoyance for peolpe who try to download MP3s and end up getting junk will just delete it and keep trying until they get what they want. Keep trying RIAA, you’ll never stop true music downloaders!

LoL, these bastards got bribed by RIAA!!

As long as hashing / CRC’ing exists … this plan will fall and fall hard. :d

"I wouldn’t want to leta particularly incensed copywright owner introduce a virus " etc etc. Another unqualified, unthinking nontechnical luddite idiot politician speaks what would stop them sending virii down the pipe and who can say they haven’t (with todays ability to remain anonymous) This idiot finally convinced me that politicians think with their pockets…:7

I think this is hilarious. I’ve been telling you guys for months to stop buying music from the RIAA, a group that only uses your money to infringe upon your rights and enforce their monopoly position. Yet you continue to go and plunk down $20 for the latest Moby or Eminem CD. There’s only one way to win this war, BOYCOTT THE RIAA

I think eurpoe just passed a law stating that ANY DOS on ANY computer/computer network is now illegal. Why can’t we get similar laws in the united states?? Because it would make it illegal for the RIAA to DOS us with their BS files, when they are TRYING to get a law passed that would ALLOW them to do just that!! I wish our government was truly for the people like it says it is… Here is a slashdot link to the article I am referring to:

I keep telling you guys, they would have a very hard time getting the exact file size. I have made a webpage for an index I PROMISE, if you guys submit fakes to me, they will make it on to the page within 3 days. I WILL NOT give you address. I WILL NOT sell you address to anyone. I WILL NOT do anything to sacrifice your privacy! Also, doesn’t matter what type of file, I am planning to index movies, software, games, and MUSIC! If i get enough trafic to merit it, i will improve the page but I haven’t got many users so far. If it continues like this, I will have to take the site down. I am really sorry for the popups but there is nothing I can do about them. Check it out.

Hey buddy, it is very easy for them to get an exact filesize. Ever heard of dummy file creators? They can make filesizes how they want down to the byte! WOW, that would suck if we had to download dummy files! What i think is that soon p2p software with built-in authentication will be created and your website will be useless. All your hard work in vain. Therefore I will suggest that you spend your time and work somewhere else. P.S. I recommend you put up a warez site - I can help you out big time ;), and you still hurt the BSA, RIAA, or those other shitheads who do this to us!

well why dont everybody just download a small part of the file first then check it if it runs for more than 30secs than its good so get the rest of it and if its fake use hotmail or what ever to email it back to the RIAA + BSA see how they like a hole lot of shit on there door step :d

A simple solution to this is to switch to eDonkey. Every shared file has its MD5 hash generated and used as part of its file identification. Using this method genuine and fake files would be easy to identify. I know that there is not that much music shared on eDonkey at the moment but that may change if this $hit continues…