Lawmaker: Legalize home CD burning

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A few days ago we reported about Rep. Rick Boucher, D-Va., who sent a letter to executives of the recording industry’s trade association, asking whether anti-piracy technology on CDs might override…

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What would th world be without music? Thats why we have to stand by the people that fight an endless battle againt DMCA.

It will never work. The music industry is too deap in the politicians pockets. That’s how we got this insane law passed in the first place. Boycott the RIAA.

Well if the Music Industry say no, then they should stop getting royalties from the CDs that WE buy. Those b@stards can’t have it both ways, either they get rid of all the protection, or they stop getting royalties. Doesn’t really matter to those that have CloneCD compatible writers anyway :9

Ho Hum… Well, the trouble with this suggestion is “what exactly is personal use” It would also legistimize the programs used by pirates because they can be used by the public The RIAA are still stuffed - As it is in the UK, singles are too expensive so I download them. I only ever pay for the albums, I think it is fair to pay them for something like that. I don’t like the way the RIAA are doing this but lets face it: We are all hypocrites. If Joe Punter can avoid paying he will. He will not support the RIAA if prices are lowered, if he can get the music for free. People aren’t nice like that most of the time. The RIAA should release singles for free and make a small charge for the CDs. Then provide albums with new songs and charge more for them. What I am fed up with at CDFreaks is that we all claim to be boycotting the RIAA because they charge to much. But we are really just supporting illegal free music (Mainly at the expense of the big companies but slightly at the expense of artists) :7 The industry wants to retalliate for all the damage that has been done. Previously we could copy music but it would never be as good as the original (On tape) but now we can have perfect copies for free. Maybe we are raising the very tree that we are trying to fell?

This will make all sorts of stuff legal. In the past it has been illegal to distribute cracks etc - but this will change! :d


How does one boycott the RIAA anyway? The RIAA doesn’t represent users and consumers, it’s an industry lobby, solely committed to articulating and protecting the interests of the Recording industry. If you want to hit the RIAA where it lives, boycott ‘The Fast and the Furious,’ Natalie Imbruglia, Universal Music etc. While your at it, tell all your friends to do the same, and bombard the ‘artist’ with angry e-mail threatening not to support their careers going forward. ‘That’s the Chicago way…’:4

Contrary to a previous post many of us do pay for things, like CDs, movies, etc… I dont thnik people would have such a problem with paying the prices we do for CDs if we felt that they offered more than 2 songs of the 15 that we liked… As for the Chicago way, just ask any Sox, Blackhawks, or Bulls owner if we know how to boycott :8