Lawmaker: Is CD copy-protection illegal?

I just posted the article Lawmaker: Is CD copy-protection illegal?.

It is good to know there are some legal people out there who fight for our rights. In this particular matter it is quite interesting what position is taken here (though not new). What it comes down…

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We dont pay any royalties in the UK anyhow - that’s why we can get CDRs for 10p (14 US cents!) And in response to what the guy said below - 20$ / 100 = 20 cents each!!! (fool). Anyhow, the point is that for the US and Britain, CDRs are cheaper than for the rest of Europe.

This sounds interesting. In response to the111 in the U.K., I can buy 100 blank CDRs for US $20 (2 US Cents a piece!!) :4

to southernson69 and the111 and my dad is bigger than your dad hahahahahah really girls come on!!

Well, it’s saturday and I’ve had a few beers already, but if I’m not mistaken if you buy 100 cds for $20 i would think that was 20 cents per cd?!

it is indeed saturday, and i’m slightly stoned… but 20.00/100 =20p… SouthernSon69 - u should pay more attention in class :4 only jokin, everyone makes mistakes and i’m probably wrong anyhow…

it is saturday and i’ve allready had my fare share of rye but i noticed that $.02/cd doesn’t sound right. how come we all drink? well i guess if you’re spending saterday by your computer, alone, at CDFREAKS then you have a reason to drink.

I live here in cali (us) and pay $7.50@50 24x at a store called Fry’s Eletronics, and have bought so many I could fill a grocery cart full with them.

This is going off-topic like this… You can also discuss matters here:

Apparently public schools are what they cracked up to be. And I recently paid $40 for 150 CD-R’s. Of course, I don’t have a credit card so I don’t order online, were I’m sure a better deal is to be found. And this Senator guy is doing some good stuff with regards to the laws they are making about tech stuff. Just for the record, I don’t drink. I live in the Pacific Northwest. Home of the kind green buds, if you know what I mean. |)

I have ONE comment…WTF is he on with! : Oh, and I think all you people who can get CDRs for 10p/ 14 cents are pretty lucky, seen as my CDRW drives so old it only takes expensive disks like Philips ones. Your all being a bit petty, especially seen as whatever it is your copying’s probly saving you $13 - be honest, it is. :wink:

I always wondered about the royalties from Music Cd-R and whether copying onto them would be a perfectly legal copy for audio.