I was thinking the other day, if you bought a dvd and made a backup, and suddenly a friends birthday came up and you were skint, would it be illegal to give him the original copy? or would you also have to give him your backup / destroy the backup? also if you lost a backup, would you not be able to give the friend the original until you destroyed the other?


I’m no legal expert but I would think that the same law applies to DVDs as to software. You may own the physical media but your purchase also includes the right to use it. Therefore, once having given away or sold your original software/DVD, you give up sole ownership and therefore have no further right to use backups, etc… There’d be tons of stuff about this on the web anyway, so it would be easy to check. I’m pretty sure that what I have explained is true in Oz and in North America…don’t know about old blighty, Europe and the rest of the U.K., though.


if we were to pretend to indulge your hypothetical situations, there’s no guaranteeing that any answer would apply to you anyway seeing as though there are members here from MANY different countries.


Law is pretty much the same everywhere on this one. If you’ve sold or given away the original you have no right to keep or use a back-up copy. You are required either to give away the back-up copy to your friend together with the original or to destroy the back-up copy once you’ve given the original away.


Thought as much…thanks Philamber. :slight_smile:


yeah i thought so


… hold on… what if you were robbed and all your dvds were taken, would you beable to keep the backups concidering you dont have the originals?


NO !!! :sad:


Technically no, but if you were robbed and store your backups in cases with covers like most I know do, they would be taken too.


Yes (assuming that you’re entitled to make a back-up copy at all in your country). The purpose of a back-up copy is after all that you will still have the program, movie, etc. if the original disc is lost, damaged or destroyed.

Further, when you make a back-up copy, you have the option of using the original and archiving the copy as a back-up rather than being obliged to use the back-up and archiving the original. The choice as to whether you use the original or back-up copy is yours.


Are game roms legal? As in old games for the nes/snes


Ah, my kids use to love the old nes/snes roms with an emulator. :flower:

However, I’m sorry to say that they’re illegal. :sad:

The roms are copies of programs that are being distributed without the permission of the copyright holder.


there’s a lot of public domain roms out there


Good point. :clap: :bow:

If they’re public domain then of course they’re legal. :slight_smile:


Damn… would have been fun to play all the old mario games and put them on disk… oh well