Law professor takes aim at RIAA lawsuits

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Harvard Law professor Charles Nesson is tired of the Record Industry Association of America (RIAA)'s lawsuits, and will help to make a change while defending a Boston University graduate student who…

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These fines are just ridiculous in the first place. They purposely make them so high that when they present the settlement to you it looks like a deal. It is really extortion. People would be better off just going into a store and shoplifting the CD and risk getting caught. At least the punishment if you do get caught is far less than this BS.

If people want to share, I would recommend getting a proxy server that doesn’t log your activity. Get a premium Usenet account with SSL encryption so your ISP has no freaking clue what you are downloading (most content can be found on Usenet anyways and usually there first before going to torrent sites). I mean, you about have to nowadays.

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