Law maker opposes broadcast flag for the 2008 digital TV bill



I just posted the article Law maker opposes broadcast flag for the 2008 digital TV bill.

 In an aim 

to do away with analogue broadcasts, a new digital TV bill has been introduced with a hard 2008 deadline that would force broadcasters to release the analogue…

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I’m afraid the reason the MPAA isn’t too worried about the broadcast flag is becuase it only addresses digital content transmitted over the air. While that certainly is a hole, its a pretty small one. Commercial TV doesn’t get very many first run or near first run movies and the ones they do get are hacked up with commercials every 5 minutes. Broadcast flag does not affect agreements with cable and satellite companies who transmit the majority of digital content and it doesn’t prevent macrovision like copy protection on those systems.


I guess they would be pissed after paying all that money to get Digital TV broadcasts nobbled with broadcast flags and then to have the courts stuff it all up at the 11th hour, so to speak. And I reckon the only reason he opposes it (for the moment) is it will be harder to pass the bill, then once passed it will more than likely be amended how the MPAA wants it to be. Amazing what a bag full of cash will do isn’t it. So the MPAA has to educate their members to let them know their plans will be delayed by a couple of years at most. Isn’t it good to know Govt’s aren’t there for the people anymore when bags full of cash are involved. So much for democracy and true representation for the majority.


I an very concerned with the concept that you can pass enough laws to prevent anyone from doing anything that some corporation might not like. The very existance of the human species assures that someone somewhere will break some law at some point in time. I don’t think those who established the US Government intended that people be supressed for the sake of a few corporations. The problem with this trend of creating laws upon laws to protect creative materials is that they start reaching beyond the capacity of humans to have choices period. We live in an age where incredible technoligical advances are rapidly taking place and there will always be the possibility that people will use some product or gimmick for some illegal purpose. The problem is that when one industry starts buying legistlation that stiffles the focus of other industries things get off balance and freedoms are directly effected. I think the entertainment inductry has gone way to far and it is time congress put a stop to it. Can you imagine a day when your vehicle has a chip that only allows it to go the speed limit? God forbid you have to get away from a car jacker. Can you imagine the day when you have to have a chip worn on your wrist to turn on the oven becasue someone decided it was dangerous? The day is already here where your internet communications and privacy are issues. Government agencies can invade your privacy under the guize of protecting the homeland and employers have free access to your medical and other records. There was a day when the public was given the benefit of the doubt. Humans were allowed to make choices. If they crossed the line then they were treated like criminals. Today it seems that the assumption is that if you are a citizen then you will do illegal things given the opportunity. We now stiffle technology, pass laws that restrict freedoms and work as a society to adversely effect free thinking. Why is the USA promoting freedoms throught the world and then rationalizing the slow death of freedoms at home. There will always be some rationale for security, but the idea that we are denied access to technology or have to pay a higher price to acquire it for the sake of corporations campaigning for a larger share of money is not a credible justification. If the entertainment industry can not survive without suing citizens, forcing manufacturers to change technology in their favor or brain washing our children in public schools perhaps we should consider how things would be in the hands of other entities. I may be totally wrong, but I think citizens across the planet have just about had enough of the maneuvering and whining from the entertainment industries. The MPAA and RIAA are not entities we have to live with or run from.


Welcome to the new world order courtesy of the illuminati. In the USA it is known as the skull and bones secret society at yale university. Both Bush and Kerry are bonesmen. Menaing in reality that the usa is a one party state with rigged elections using computer voting with no paper trail. Bonesmen swear an oath to their brethren which overrides all other oaths including those of the people they are meant to serve. Taxes for represenation huh? I would stop paying those bastards who commit treason every day against the people they are meant to serve. Star Wars Ep’s 1,2 & 3 is a good example of how to change and subvert society to the advantage and ends of the power elite. eg Count Dooku is like osama bin laden financed and trained by the cia in the 70’s and funded in the 80’s. (a CIA asset) to start wars to cause a reaction have more laws passed to bring in a police state in the name of “security”. Bush snr then ran the KGB (oops CIA) in the 80’s. They armed saddam. Then they treat us like mushrooms on tv by misdirecting us in the wrong direction. We are but cattle for the power elite or serfs. Only the names and situations have been changed… but the situation is still basically the same. Some people like us are waking up to this thru these legal issues which are really about controlling the population of the world and restricting choices ultimately. . For the tv is a form of mass brainwashing for many who claim their thoughts are their own. Thats is why we are on the net where we as ordinary citizens can take back control of free speech from those who wish to control it via the mass media. There has always been piracy like prostitution. In the 80’s it was tape trading pirates that made lars and metallica rich Forget the RIAA and MPAA we are talking one world government, microchipped population etc. and I haven’t even mentioned europe yet. Now the elites there know people want their national sovereignty (like in france) but that won’t stop them having another go until their end game is exposed and enough people know this. Aside from trade people don’t want a euro super state with centralization of power. That happened in nazi germany as it is now in america. Anyone who opposes emporer bush is crushed arrested killed or worse. But hey lets justify war profits by calling his opponents terrorists or unpartriotic. Hitler and goebbels did the same in nazi germany. How does this relate? Well the issue is one of freedoms. Being taken away one by one and justified by governments the world over… If you want to be free from fascism the people must ensure that the illuminati and freemasons like tony blair, john howard (australia) bush et all are removed from positions of power coz until that happens the rights of the average individual whatever that may be will be violated and trampled on. To understand all the legal issues discussed on cd freaks i encourage everyone to learn and see the big picture or else you will come to a dead end or stonewall if things are not seen in this context. Sorry to those idealistic patriotic americans I have upset as I believe in freedom as it was originally framed by the US founders. But the fact remains that your republice is controlled so to speak by a dark lor of the sith!