Law firm urges caution over BSA piracy forms

I just posted the article Law firm urges caution over BSA piracy forms.

The BSA is sending out software audits to UK companies that is intended to remind companies that they should use legal software according to the BSA.

But according to a major corporate law firm…

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Dont really care if they’re collecting evidence or not, it makes me mad that somehow they’re able to do this legally! :frowning:

I live in the UK and if anyone got taken to court after one of those forms was used in the investigation the case would be dismissed - its called entrapment. To explain, you cannot tempted into commting a crime by police (for instance by parking a car with an open boot full of gold bars and watching it with a security camera) or be allowed (let alone made) to testify against yourself - which this would constitute. Just try it and you’ll waste your legal fees :slight_smile:

FUCK!!! I’m actuelly wondering if BSA is a Software Aliance or a Police Alliance. They should stop taking the laws in their own hand.

:4 I also received a similarly worded document from the BSA in the good old USA. Up theirs! The BSA are functioning on a police-state mentality. They even ran commercials over local FM radio stations to “warn” business owners. Dare I say threaten… I am not a business. I guess that they received my address from Adobe. I recall that I could not register on-line without providing a “business name”, so I provided a made-up business name in order to complete on-line registration. Next time I would dba - do business as - “IamNotaBusiness”, Ltd. By rights the BSA should receive legal papers from local prosecutors.