Law firm charges Heise for publishing copying software news

I just posted the article Law firm charges Heise for publishing copying software news.

 When  Germany enforced its version of the European Union Copyright Directive (EUCD),            it added quite a nasty restriction that even prohibits  the discussion of circumventing copy...
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Darn shame.

Man, it sounds like Himmler is back!

Do the music companies really believe that people can’t find this information everywhere? It’s insane to go after one group. Also, isn’t the internet world-wide…duh! How can one country govern what the whole world sees? Sorry to rant, this just seems ridiculous. :r

Ahhhh, yes, a minister of lies, dis-information, and very reminiscent of something you sometimes pick up on the sole of your shoe, very unpleasant on a warm day…weren’t they all though? But at least Germany won’t be invaded or accused of anything underhand by the US with this interpretation of EC law.
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Fortunately Heise seem to have a really good legal department. I’m sure they will win this case. :d

This is why that the Founding Fathers of the US were smart enough to put into the Constitution (through the first amendment) the clause about freedom of speech. Unfortunately, our current leaders are less smart than the FF’s. I guess Germany has no such protection.:frowning:

> I guess Germany has no such protection. < As a matter of fact, it has. The Music Industry just seems to ignore the basic (constitutional) law. I am very interested in this law struggle. It is overdue, that a court judges about freedom of speech vs. copyright. I have the faith, that they will judge right, at least in the last instance.