LavaSoft's Ad-Aware version 5.8 has been released

I just posted the article LavaSoft’s Ad-Aware version 5.8 has been released.

Ottone, pjotr, AnOrO, Airhead and Interceptor all used our newssubmit to tell us that a new version of Ad-Aware has been released:

This change was necessary to handle more tasks through…

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Ad-aware: a must-have!

So very true :8

Does Refupdate 1.3 work with this version?

Ad-aware 5.8 uses a new referencefile format. This change was necessary to handle more tasks through the referencefile, and avoid too frequent updates of the Ad-aware binary. The new referencefiles are named reffile.awr. The manual installation is performed like with the old reflist.sig files. A new Refupdate application is in progress, and will be available shortly.
That is what Lavasoft states on the web site. So version 1.3 of Refupdate will NOT work with Ad-aware 5.8, for now.