Latest version of Denuvo copy protection lasts for more than a month already - is it uncrackable?


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Games protected by a newer version of the Denuvo copy protection from the Austrian company with the same name, are better protected against cracking than older versions. The latest Denuvo version, reportedly numbered 4.7, hasn’t been cracked so far.


Just give them time it just came out and then you expect it broken ASAP this story is more Troll story then real facts. You really think they are sitting on their hand not likely this is more a game pun to break and if you can make it they can break it. Plain and simple-all you do is hurt the paying consumers and guess where they go to get the games now - not your site.


Well, any sensible person knew it would be done sooner or later, Assassin’s Creed Origins has now been cracked.


Rumors are that even their V4.8 is already cracked…