Latest USB Flash drive that supports good quality TV stream

Just wondering if there an usb that usb that i can just plug it in my comp and i can receive analogue and digitial tv without any wires (comes with antenna?)…i was just wondering whats the latest model for these…so if anyone knows let me know. Any sites/forums that specialises on these?

Are you asking about a flash storage device or a TV card or both? There are plenty of TV cards with USB interface and there are also plenty of flash memory cards with USB interface. But a flash “drive” with TV? What’s that? There are some phones with USB connection and digital TV and flash memory but they don’t have analog TV tuner.

You got links to the latest ones

Hello…Just got one of these delivered yesterday(thursday), unfortunately
i haven’t had a chance to fool around with it but it seems a good buy.

That’s just a plain DVB-T tuner with USB interface. There are DMB tuners with USB interface in South Korea. In Europe, it’s DVB. DMB is widely used in South Korea either as add-on computer cards or standalones, or on phones. Define your needs clearly and probably people outside Australia don’t know much about what TV standards are available in Sydney. In South Korea, there are HD, SD, analog, DMB-T, DMB-S, analog cable, digital cable, satellite cable, etc.