Latest toshiba dvd roms-how fast!

I have a tosh 1712 unfortunately looks like it’s gonna be VERY hard to get another one:confused:
Can anyone confirm the new newer models have firmware to increase ripping speed(my 1712 can rip at 15-16x with the right discs).
I have 2 107’s and looking for a another toshiba dvd rom if they can read as fast as the 1712.
I have searched the forum but no found any posts regarding this.
I’m in the UK and they just can’t be found anymore.

Need it for 8x on the fly mainly as it is the only rom that can do it.

I did see someone(think it was a mod) who bought a new tosh and said with the patched firmware it can read as well as the 1712.
Any info welcomed.

Do a search on firmware , you’ll see a no limit 1802

Appreciate the reply,wil check it our,cheers;)

On the 1802 with patched firmware, you can rip dual layer DVD video at 10x, and read recordable DVD media at 11x.

Appreciate your reply Phoenix’97,sounds like that’ll be my next drive.
Thanks again for the replies.