Latest SecuROM foils even the best CD copiers

I just posted the article Latest SecuROM foils even the best CD copiers.

3DGPU has more information on the latest SecuROM protection that gives a lot of trouble at the moment. Apperently this website has sources close to game developers. Intresting, and a bit…

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Stop buying games then… go online… download the iso(s) and burn all the copies you want.

if you like the game then buy it. how would you like it if you worked really hard on something and put a lot of money into it then most people just get it online for free. you would not like that would you.

==The media is apparently special ordered and not designed to be made available to the public.== It won’t be long before some Asian manufacturer decides to make them and sell them to consumers. :slight_smile:

I agree, buy what you like. Like MOHAA. that is a spectacular game and I cannot wait for the next PC version. As for the “Special Media” It prolly costs the gaming companies lots more to produce the games and the prices may go up just cause of that.

If I worked really hard on a game and people were able to get it online for free, I would just accept it. The fact that software can be easily copied and distributed is just part of life and everyone should just accept the fact that if it can be copied there is no reason why it shouldn’t be free. If we knew how to copy food, would we solve world hunger or do we sue someone because food retailers profit is lower? The sooner everyone realizes this the easier the world will be.

Sooner or later someone will beat this protection.

This new version of Securerom and the very latest releases of SD2 2.70.030 and 2.80.10 are just measures put there legally too prevent the loss of profits from all the hard work. But I do not agree with the end user not being able too make a backup! If your original game gets scratched, is the Shop you bought it from going too give you another copy. I don’t think so, they will just tell you too take a hike putting it in a very polite manner. Its just a matter of time before these new protection measures will be copied 1:1 What the industry fails too realise there are some very talented ******* out there who will have started too reverse engineer your code and see how it works and how they can make a 1:1 backup. They are the most intelligent people on this planet and if the sofware industry decides too take further measures such as bypassing routines that hide the fact you have a legally owned CD Writer in your system and refuse too run, then that will be taken care of as well. I am sure the courts of this land would be very busy with law suites against all these companies you bought the software from. If it won’t even play the original game as you have a CDWriter in your system,(This has happened before if I am right they overprotected the game and it wouldn’t even run) this is no crime as it has been proved. The government has got too put a stop on the software developers before it gets out of control, its like playing cat and mouse. When no one buys any games as they they cannot run it, who will be the 1st too shout our sales are down? response remove these new stupid protection routines(and lower the prices) so people with repect and have gone out and spent almost Forty UK pounds on the latest game can play it. I do not condone piracy in anyway and at the same time do not condone the stupid protection methods implemented which stops you, the end user from playing your original copy(if it detects you have a CDWriter) or even a backup of it, so you can protect your original from being damaged. Greets too all fellow members The Diplomat :8 Edited by me 13/10/2002 too correct some grammer and add some more info, this was written in the early hours of the morning.

Reaction by interceptor on Saturday 12 October 2002 “I condone piracy and at the same time condone the stupid protection methods which stops you, the end user from playing your original copy.” Are you sure you mean ‘condone’?!?!

oh here we go again blah blah blah did someone forget to say that $100 bucks is too much for a game and did they forget to tell us all how much the company PROFITS from these games that are on many occassions are writen bye induvidualls and bought for a song then sold in bulk to an unsuspecting public at rip of prices also the reason they want to stop you making a 1-1 copy is simple if you cant make a 1-1 copy then you have to use a crack then you are breaking the law. its as simple as that so stuff them i would rather go with out :d

Why not make an app, that will combine CCD and D-Tools in a bootable cd… ofcourse it wouldnt be a 1:1 copy, but it will be a fast solution before an actual method of making a 1:1 copy is introduced

Uofm3000 What if it discouraged ppl from making the games?