Latest SecuROM can not be 1:1 copied - For now?

I just posted the article Latest SecuROM can not be 1:1 copied - For now ?.

Our forum is currently flooded with people that have troubles with backing up games protected by the latest SecuROM version. The protection developed by Sony seems to be much more aggresive then…

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Wait a week… it will be copied.

Umm, I backed up my copy of my Frontline Attack: War Over Europe with no problems whatsoever. There was no revision # next to this title in the news clipping, so I’m assuming they mean ANY copies of this game? If so, that’s not true. I did. :4

loucipher- if u dont mind check what version of securom it was that u were able to copy. My guess is that it is below v# If not, plz tell us how u were able to do it. I can report that the US release of hitman 2 is v#4.83.11 i used hiew and it is at location 0033D008h. i was not able to copy it.

If you look @ the 1st cd of Unreal Tournament 2003 you will notice 4 rings. Greetz too all that no me The Diplomat:8