Latest SecuROM and SafeDisc news - Next!

I just posted the article Latest SecuROM and SafeDisc news - Next !.

Here is just a simple roundup of the current standings on the latest populair copy protections, as there are SafeDisc and SecuROM. Both have been recently introduced and have succeeded to prevent a…

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What I would love to see is the emulation put onto the burned copy so you don’t have to take a seperate install of the emulation software. Emulation on the copy would be great. Just a loader that’s all that runs when you instert the disc :wink:

I agree, but beggers cannot be choosers, I am happy. Can clone CD still do these new SecureROM’s and SafeDisc?

I have a Toshiba 16x DVD-ROM as a reader and a Lite-On 32x as a burner… i succesfully copied the sims unleashed (safedisc 2.8x) with clonecd using the default game profile… and can install/run the game from my TOSHIBA drive… :4 anyone else with this setup, give it a try - it works REALLY well! :9

i did NFS : hot pursiut 2, with my litey 48125w, burnt and plays on any pc i try… cloned it with, or watever the new one is…

[quote] VSO Software has released a new version of Blindwrite that should also be able to make backups of the latest SecuROM protected games. [quote] If I’m reading this right, we can make real 1:1 copies of games with the SecuROM NEW protection! Can anyone confirm this.

How come whenever i try to get into the forum it says i dont have access even tho i’m a member?

Ollie is on holiday as someone said in another post! Maybe he has no time, or possibly run out of new ideas to allow for a new version of CloneCD that will do a 1:1 backup of all the latest New SecureRom, and SD2 etc. Greets too all The Diplomat :8