Latest scam to watch out for

With the economy still going south on the MESSAIAH. Here is
a new scam being sold to unsuspecting home buyers.

Do you ever tire of constantly mocking your new president?

/me wouldn’t if I thought he was doing a bad job :slight_smile:

Atm, I’m bagging out the opposition party leader in Oz, because he’s a heartless corporate banker, and is blocking every move the government proposes for the sake of appearance, rather than any real reason.

@zap em
You were already warned about name calling political leaders and bringing politics into nearly every single post.

Smart money says to pay off your house within 15 years, and never ever have a credit card balance, and do not refinance. I am recession proof.

Boy my house sure does not have smart money then.

I do myself pay off all my credit cards as they come due unless I buy something big and then I buy it with one of those great no interest for a year credit card deals and then pay it off before the year is up. I know they hate me at the credit card companies, I figure they will blacklist me soon for not paying interest. They do not have to worry my wife pays them.

I like it when cards like discover card allows you to get 5% percent back on the first 100 dollars of gas each month. I got one in my name and one in my wife and that makes 200 dollars of gas we can buy a month and get 5 percent back. Sooner or later they are going to stop this for me because I never buy anything but gas on them and almost never go over the 100 dollars a month. Stupid is as stupid does if the credit card companies are going to keep doing things like this then I for one will take advantage of it.