Latest Nero Vision wont import VOB files

The previous version halfway worked but the latest version doesn’t even work with movies that worked with the version before

If you want to work with VOB files, take a look at TMPGenc or Super…

Perhaps you could create a dvd compliant structure using ifoedit i.e. create ifo files (you would need to rename vob files). Nero should import that without any problem?

The structures are dvd compliant. They came outta Nero recode and can be burned fine but when i try and import all the VOB files at the same time it says “error importing video segment. FIle cannot be inserted” I can do them one by one but not importing them at the same time

This link shows how to convert your vob files into a contiguous mpeg2 video stream using DVDDecrypter. It was written for dvds created by dvd recorders but will work on a regular dvd. You should be able to import the mpeg2 file into Nero Vision, but I’m not sure if it will try to reencode. One reason I don’t use Nero for this.

Decrypter works from the disk, not from a hard drive, so you’ll have to burn the files you got from NeroRecode.

I am having the same problem too but with mp4 and vob files.

Hello, good afternoon,

I am trying to burn a dvd using a video MPEG4 - Media File created by Nero Recode.
Plus the same file which is a DVD Movie File (vob files)
Nerovision fails at transcoding the files.

So I tried a just the MPEG-Media file and the same thing happens.
Then I tried just the DVD Movie File (vob files) and the same things happens.

The actual error message says:
Unabble to prepare data for recording: Prepare session failed.
Transcoding of video failed.

Version of Nero 19 Jan 07
Version of Nero Recode

The two videos are not copy protected.
Both files created by Nero.

I have error logs plus info tool log but I can only upload 1 file.
I tried putting them all into one file but that file was too large.

I have attached the first error log.

Can you help me at all?

ChRiS (G)

Thanks trying that now. After seeing this guid i think it makes more sense to rip them like this to avoid further problem