Latest Nero doesnt recognise x16 DVDS

Im confused because i cant burn anything on DVDS x16 no matter what make they are, e.g. TDK, Verbatim. My latest Nero can see x8 dvds and i can choose the burning speed up to x8 but when i insert x16 dvds i can only choose only x4 speed and when i start recording, sometimes the information about the error appears and the recording is stopped, once or twice i managed to record something but only at x4 speed. I need your advice whether the problem lies with Nero or with Lite-on SOHW-1633S i use. Even the NeroInfoTool gives me information that the reading speed of The Lite-on is x8 and buring speed only x4. It wasnt like that before. thank you in advance.

Do you have the latest firmware?

It’s down to the firmware in the Liteon not recognising the newer 16x media. Only a firmware update will fix this.

On the Liteon website there is an update for your writer dated 23/12/2005 which matches more media. Get it here

Thank you both, Rapid Fire and TimC. it’s been fixed and works properly now with the latest firmware. Thanks.