Latest NERO Changes?

I have the previous packages for Nero 6 which were released in December. I see that there are newer package updates available and i was wondering if people could please advise what is new in these updates (can’t see anything on this on Neros website!) and if there any problems with any of the updates. I can’t say i’ve had any problems with the current version i’m using, so i’m not likely to upgrade it unless theres something i’m missing out on.

cheers has the information. A new version to replace is expected imminently.


A new version (6.3.15) was uploaded to the ahead ftp servers earlier today. It was remover again after about an hour. This indicates that a new release is close at hand.

Nearly but not quite, it seems! When I said a new version is imminent, I was expecting it in the next few days if not the next few hours.

Jumping on the first file that looks like a new version on the FTP servers can be unwise. It’s best to wait until the version number at least has made it onto the web site.