Latest Nero 5.5.?.? does not work with Mitsumi 4801-TE Burners?

High everyone!

Does anybody here have the same problem with the latest Nero version in combination with:

Win98 or WinXP
Mitsumi 4801-TE

There are always problems writing the end of the CD. It works with error-messages in Win98 and not all in WinXP.

Is there a special reason to this?

The previous version worked out very well.

Hoping for some answers.




I use Nero with a Phillips 3100-CD-Writer. First I made a firmware-update on my CD-Writer.

You get the new firmware from the manufactor of the CD-Writer.


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Could you post those error messages here, maybe we can see what’s going wrong here!


which error message do you get? If possible send the logfile to