Latest NEC news from the CEBIT

I got some hot news from a source very close to NEC.

  1. A new model will come out in like Q3 with lightscribe support.
  2. New model out later with DVD-RAM support.
  3. Speed increase for DVD+R9 to 8X max.
  4. No decision yet on name but the DVD-RAM one tentatively 4500, the lightscribe one 35xx ?

All this is from the horses mouth directly from NEC !

very nice

ty for the info

“Speed increase for DVD+R9 to 8X max.”… Only 8x ?? =(
EDIT: Oh you meant writing =) … what about reading? =)

Not interested in Lightscribe. DL @ 8x seems good but media is still too expensive. Not interested in DVD-RAM (Bit of a dead format anyhow). Not much of interest really. What we would all like is media testing (Including jitter) and bitsetting as standard.

hehehe, we want to hear the better news: Full error scanning, bitsetting, no riplock?
I don’t think that lightscribe will make them sell more units :wink:

I think you are underestimating lightscribe. There are many people who don’t like the Sharpie method of labeling and will see this not as a gimmick (like I do) but as a feature they can’t live without and didn’t even know they were missing.

There will be consumers who buy the lightscribe drives

Ask them when the f/w for error testing on the 35xx drives is coming out :slight_smile:

It’s gonna take more than lightscribe to get me to jump.

If lightscribe works like tattooing on some yahama CD writers—which works with all discs and not just lightscribe-enabled discs, the feature will be much more attractive

Tattooing is cool! Probably helps the ringing annoyance at the same time
But burn-flip-burn, in contrast, is only a waste of time and money.

I agree I like the idea of lightscribe if you can do it to on any media. Also I would like a faster speed to do it with.
Thanks ScorpioSoft for the info. :slight_smile:

Just like a lot of people are underestimating DVD-RAM!!

@ScorpioSoft, just to be sure, when you said DVD-RAM support you meant reading and writing right, not only reading?

So Benq is gonna support DVD-RAM, NEC is gona support it, LG already supports it … I can choose in the future, wheeeeeeeeeeeee.

/ Waiting for the LG GSA-4165B, NEC4500 and BenQ???

What is really needed here is price decrease. :wink:

DVD-RAM would be very cool!!!
My Standalone DVD Recorder being a Panasonic and using DVD-RAM almost on a daily basis DVD-RAM support would be nice on NEC and all other drives.

Well, to me this is the no point to consider, especially when media costs more. It is cute feature, but I do not see consumer insisting on having it. Yes, Monica Bellucci looks great though :slight_smile:

Reading through the forums I see people fighting to shave 12 seconds of the backup process, will they now add 25 minutes to lightscribe?

Reading through the forums I see people using a second DVD-ROM for ripping, while some argue it is faster/better, others argue they do not want to overwork the burning laser. Will they now use the laser even more?

LightScribe uses it’s own laser not the burning laser!

Some updates on the news:

1)The lightscribe might not be named lightscribe but probably be something “compatibel” - will try to get more info on that.

2)The DVD-RAM will be something optional - so we will end up with a “standard” model from NEC, PLUS a “enhanced” version which will have the DVD-RAM (read/write) feature set in addition.

3)And yes - the DL+R 8X will be the write speed, my source mentioned that after that speed increase there won´t be any faster drives anymore but future stuff will be the new HD DVD then.

Oops, sorry for my ignorance, I did not pay attention to details as this is not a feature I need or want :frowning:
But now it makes me avoid Lightscribe even more, because another component in the drive is more ways for something to go wrong…

Will they make two different hardwares just for the distinction? I doubt it. NEC don’t even want to maintain 3500 production line now. I bet my 2 cents on the theory that they’ll announce two models with different firmwares.

Don’t forget the Panasonic SW-9585 Super Multi drive. :smiley:

I know about the Panansonic drive(s), but can’t find them overhere. :frowning: