Latest 'Modern Warfare 3' lag fix delivers mixed results



Latest ‘Modern Warfare 3’ lag fix delivers mixed results.

[newsimage][/newsimage]"Modern Warfare 3" developer Infinity Ward pushed out its latest patch to PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 players on Thursday to address mounting complaints over the hit title's lag-ridden online multiplayer mode. While past attempts to iron out the problem have proven unsuccessful, did the company get it right this time?

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Plays Great on my PC version…


Hell yes this game is still lagging. Just earlier today I was being killed the exact moment the other guy came around the corner. I seems that just about every game i play there is some sort of lag, and my connection isn’t bad. I played MW2 with no problems other than the hackers. Black Ops was a little laggy at times but nothing on this level of epic BS. I’m tired of playing games and watching killcams where I get 3-4 hitmarkers on someone and see them get hit on the killcam but no damage was done, or no hits on them at all. WTF is going on was there something that somebody said was wrong with the way MW2 worked. Cause I’ve played MW2 at many different locations on all kinds of connections and I NEVER lagged this bad. I wish this shit would get fixed, it’s getting to the point where I might trade the game in for something else regardless of how much i payed for the game and elite.


xbox360 still lagging, its not even fun to play


yes even worse then before for example encounter an enemy right before after a
corner and I start shooting him and he does the same I was fist and a 100 sure
but he still gets me down first so I decided to watch the kill cam and on his screen he was already there
So there is like 1 or to seconds lag or sync problem and happens to me all the time
Feel ripped off then bought elite on top off that for nothing because if it stays like this I go back to BF2


I agree with all your comments on this game. I think its even worse than when it was released. I had maybe two weeks of having some good games with all stats improving to then suddenly start struggling my nuts off, and ive had it pretty bad for a few weeks and then it improves slightly only to go back to being rubbish and at least 3/4 of a second behind realtime events. Thus meaning any 50/50 shoot offs i lose because of the lag/latency issues.Its just not fun to play and find myself getting really angry and frustrated. Whats worse is the fact they dont care because the money is in the bank now! WTF are they going to do about it ? Probably nothing, which makes me even more annoyed. Unless there are some major improvements i wont buy the next instalment!