Latest Liteon LVW-5005A's Don't Update

I have an October 2004 model LVW-5005A which will not recognize firmware updates (although some users claim theirs did).

Is there possibly a problem with some lots of this recorder sold by Costco this December? I would very much appreciate hearing the experiences of others who have this model.

My 5005 ignores “ANY & ALL” firmware updates; regardless of the version. It came from the factory with FLFNA 1090 firmware installed. The serial number on the label is 602441042551.

I’ve tried numerous ways to install various firmware updates to my 5005 with “no joy” (only 16 coasters). These included the latest installation directions and the firmware file LNFA1091.ESU (both provided directly on Liteon Tech Support email on 12/30/2004) as well as other firmware versions. When the updating CD-R is placed in the tray; it closes, loads, starts to read “FILE” then the TV screen flashes “DATA DISK” & rejects it.

Did you try downloading the firmware using your serial no. that appears on the setup function? Liteon’s tech support (at least in the USA) knows less then we do. They sent me a file also that was useless.

It is not Costco - it is certain “versions” of the US 5005. Mine originally was 1085, and updated successfully to 1091 a month or so ago…but did not include the “holy grail”, the 3 hour recording and macrovision kill…I have followed a lot of the posts, with the firmware hacks, and have followed to the tee - no luck. 1092 firmware out and about that has the 3hour recording is not recognized by my 5005A…Same from Liteon tech support, files sent to me that my 5005 will not update with - now they have finally said if it doesn’t update via the web updater, thats it…so they are very disorganized, and don’t really understand the differences in some of the released 5005’s…I’ll keep watching the posts, and hopefully sometime get lucky!