Latest LG Lightscribe?

Iam wondering whats the latest LG lightscribe…and i still dont know how lightscribe work?? Do i put a cd in my drive and it automatically makes the cd a ‘cover’?? Does it ever run out etc?? What programs do i need?

I think the latest one is LG GSA-2166D …but how does it compare to other brand and previous version? ALso how long does it take to make lightscribe cd?

Also wondering…since lightscribe cant do colour…if i buy all the lightscribe dvd/cd etc wil lthat be compatable with the new lightscribe colour once it comes out?

Also iam looking at the BENQ 1625 is that better?

Does anyone know the latest/best model?

Hey do you guys rekon Benq DW1655 is better or LG GSA-2166D

Hello davidw89 and welcome to the forum!

The 2166D is actually an external drive. The latest IDE internal lightscribe LG drive is probably the GSA-H10L.

Hey thankjs

is that better or the latest Benq 1655?

Bad news i cant find GSA-H10L in Australia…Benq seems pretty good i’ll get that.

There’s also the internal GSA-H20L, based on the Panasonic chipset. The external version of the H10L is the E10L.

H10L, H20L and the 1655 all seem to be pretty good. The key difference is that the two LG writers don’t support quality scanning while the 1655 supports quality scanning but doesn’t have DVD-RAM support.

So pick whichever has the features you think are important to you and is available over there.