Latest firmware for Toshiba SD-M1502



I am having difficulty in reading recent dvd’s on this device and I suspect I need a firmware upgrade (currently 1008).

I located a firmware from BOSE for this combo cd-rw/dvd-rom : version 1B30. Is this the latest?


BOSE is for standalones, yours is surely a real computer drive.

Use Hijacker’s DISCINFO and find out what revision the hardware is!


I am late in replying as the problem was with a friend’s pc. Things worked out with version 1816. I am surprised that 1002, a more recent version, would not work as it did not recognise the device. Thank you for your advice.


There are different hardware revisions.
Follow Chefs advise and use DiscInfo and find out what revision the hardware is!

Post DiscInfo details here


Hello i need a replacement Toshiba SD-M1502 or a unit that my work work inplace of this for mt Video game Tekken 4 .
Anyone had a Idea?