Latest firmware for the Pioneer DVR-111?



I just bought this burner recently and I’m wondering where can I get the latest version of this firmware? Thanks!


According to Pioneer website, latest version is 1.29 :slight_smile:


I see several different version and I’m not sure which one to download for my DVR-111. I got the OEM version in black.


To check what drive you have, you can use cd-dvd speed.


Ver 1.29 is correct.

You can also download from here.

:cool: :cool:


I’ll check it out. Thanks guys!


According to Nero CD/DVD speed program, the firmware on mine is DVR-111D 1.23.

Will the link above contain the right firmware? Thanks!


It’s best to get the official firmware from the Pioneer website here .

The one you want is the DVR-111D , version 1.29 and the filename is DVR111D_FW129EU.EXE.


I thought this forum is for stand alone DVR not PC based DVD burner.



Perhaps you should do some research on the Pioneer DVR series Computer DVD Burners that have been around for quite sometime now.

If you are interested in Desk Top Stand Alone DVD Burners suggest visiting the dedicated CD Freaks DVD Recorder & Home Entertainment Forum (



TCAS was correct. This thread has been moved from it’s original posting place in the Pioneer DVD Recorder and Player Forum to this correct forum.


Hi guys, I’m just wondering if I would need to reformat my computer once I flash the firmware to the burner? Or I can start burning after a reboot of the computer?


Just reboot & you’re good to go.