I recently udated the firmware for my NEC nd2500 for rcp1, got it region free and then saw a recent firmware and flashed it.Now i got the v1.07 but aparently the firmware i had was much better cos it used to burn at x8 on most dvd-r even cheap ones, not only x8 doesnt show anymore on nero burning rom but also burning at x4 i always get power calibration error... :a i want the lastest firmware by herries cos everyone says it works so good with this drive and can get the x8 (woooh) back again...only problem all I keep getting is bad links :confused: anyone know some other site or can send me the firmware by e-mail pls?? [email][/email] or [email][/email], and btw its nice to be part of the BIGGEST community of cd and dvd freaks :bigsmile:

welcome to the club. First rule of the club is to read and search. But we all like to help. here’s a link for you:

:wink: Cheers Buddy, think that shoudl do the job. Im gonna try it now....and so wtf happened to herriess home page? the, there was something the site was off cos of some kiddies?!?! Anyway 10x for d trouble dude! :iagree: