Latest Firmware for 166S DVD drive, that's not JMLS?

i ordered a Lite-on 166S DVD rom drive, and would like to know where i could get the latest firmware.
the problem is that on lite-on’s website, the firmware’s change the name to JMLS>
is there a was to prevent this >?

does it matter? Its still a LTD-166S just a minor name change in the device manager name

my 166s is now stuck in UDMA - 2 . It was at UDMA -3 and I haven’t changed any cables or bios settings. I updated the firmware!!! does anyone have DS0B or DS0E?


DS0B is @

Thanks man, I got it… BTW it looks like there may be a problem witht he new firmware because as soon as I reflashed down to ds0b the bios showed it at UDMA3 as did the intel app accelerator

yeah a few ppl have said this
UDMA-3 is 44mb/sec
UDMA-2 is 33mb/sec

the thing is tho you’d rarely get 33mb/sec from a dvd drive let alone 44mb/sec

I’ll keep mine with DS0F myself because even at UDMA-2. (I never really looked at it when i got it a few weeks ago. just flashed str8 away)
Its tonnes faster than the 6x Pioneer I had and I have no problems at all runnin it on my sys tv out etc etc