Latest EAC and best settings for Premium?

I’m in the process of ripping some damaged/rotted CDs and I’ve been checking around to see what the best settings are for poor quality discs, a Premium and the latest version of EAC.

I’m aware what the correct offsets are but I’m still not 100% on the menu settings for EAC and Drive options.

Here’s what I’ve got checked currently…

EAC extraction

No use of null samples for CRC calculations.
Synchronize between tracks.


Secure Modes, accurate stream, caches and C2

Other info

Error recovery - High, Read Command D8, Spin Up - Yes.

I’m still not sure about the some of the boxes in the extraction tab especially ‘Fill up missing offset samples with silence’ & ‘No use of null samples for CRC calculations’. plus whether to have C2 on or off.

I hadn’t updated EAC for some considerable time until this week, so I’m trying to get back up to speed. So can anyone confirm what’s best?

IMHO the best software for audio ripping when it comes to plextors is Plextools propably the older versions.(Just before 755 and 760 came out).Why don’t you use them with a slow ripping speed instead?

What have the older versions got over the newer ones? I may have some tucked away somewhere…

Well i had some issues with audio ripping with my premium when i updated my plextools pro to some newer version(cant really remember which one exactly).Maybe that is irrelevant with the program itself and had to do with drivers from other programs etc…I can also recall that hwp had a similar issue if i am not mistaking.I really dont know if it was corrected afterwards or if it is corrected in the latest XL/LE edition.The only thing i know is that the version of plextools pro before 755/760 worked perfectly with Premium and to the best of my knowledge nobody had any complaints.

Fair enough. I’ve now got the latest LE version installed, so I’ll keep an eye on it. I did read that the best setting for damaged when using DAE with Plextools is 5, with 99 retries. Not sure how this equates with EAC secure.

Anyway, I did try ripping a seemingly badly damaged track using 5 with 30 retries and that sounded acceptable, even with a sizeable error count including unrecoverables.

EAC previously took over 2hrs to get 1min+ but I guess that is being ‘more thorough’.

I suppose you have to decide how badly you want an accurate rip over having a playable copy of the damaged track full stop.