Latest DVD-RAM driver for NEC-4550?

Does anyone have the installer for the latest DVD-RAM driver which is compatible with the NEC-4550 ?

I’m currently using the Matsushita/Panasonic one with the following details:

DVDRAMSV.exe - Service of RAMAsst for Windows XP
Version: 2.00.0005.0000
Time: 08/11/2002 06:27

Thanks in advance.

Why do you need it? Just use FAT32 format. As far as I know, what you’re asking for isn’t present at the moment.

I’ve tried using FAT32 but cannot get a disc to format properly. It always fails roughly half-way through.

The current driver I’m using is meant for a different drive but happens to be compatible. Because it was released in November 2002, I’m sure there must be an updated one somewhere.

Reason being that I’ve occasionally had BSOD’s which I’m pretty sure are related to the DVD-RAM driver.

Then maybe use such crap-tools like InCD.

Have you tried with that?

Then maybe the BSOD is initiated by InCD…

In my notebook, XP did format a FAT32 disc with no problems.
Look at the sector size and choose the lower one.
You may get newer Pana drivers than the one you’ve - but the last ones requires a Pana drive to install. The same with BHA’s, that just uses a tailor made version of that one.

I don’t believe the DVDRAMSV.exe is essential. I have the service disabled on my system, and DVD-RAM writing still works fine. The real UDF driver is meiudf.sys and the latest version is which can be found at:

Thanks. I have also disabled DVDRAMSV.exe and not seen any problems after doing a few initial tests.

I then copied over the new meiudf.sys file which seems to be working correctly as well. :slight_smile:

I’ll post back if I encounter any problems.

I’ll also give it another go with trying to format using FAT32.