Latest copyright battle: software pirates vs subversive programmers

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Once again GristyMcFisty found his way
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submit to inform us about an article over at Yahoo! News. It tells us that games programmers have become
subversive in…

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Old news glitzed up with a new press release. Codemasters used this ‘Fade’ system back in 2001 on Operation Flashpoint. It didn’t work then and it’s unlikely to work now. The fear element in systems like this may make a few more people buy a particular title, but I doubt it. Make a good game and people will buy it regardless. That is certainly what sold Flashpoint, not marketing like ‘Fade’.

Except for the fact that it’s modified media, it’s not a bad idea. Gives you a chance to find out if the game is worth buying before you’re stuck with it…but it WILL be cracked.

agree with the above i made working back-ups of my Flashpoint… never had problems

Didn’t CloneCd have a option for “copy soft errors”…in the Non-USA versions???

I have played Toca Race Driver (which has fade) from a cd backup:ed in BlindWrite for +20 hours…no fading yet…

Software pirates will just modify the exe file to not do the check. Just like they do now with the No-CD patches.

fade was used in vietcong and didnt present too much of a problem to crackers