Latest copy protection a nightmare!

You must be blind and ignorant dude! READ the first REPLY post on this thread man! There is where the bashing begins.

spath was just saying there were technical inaccuracies in what’s supposed to be a technical document. This is completely true. This “bashing” is called for. As is pointing out that EFM en/decoders are present in all drives.

You cannot be mad at people for pointing out things which are true.

:cop: Everyone take a deep breath and back off. PM warnings have been sent, heed the advice or the thread goes south :cop:

for once, im not going to flame in return. applauds futureproof for regulating.

and as for making a website about copy protections, i couldnt do it, as i’d have to credit way too many sources that i read here on the internet. tom should have too, but he, as usual, stole the info. the entire page should be a big a** link to cdfreaks :smiley: