Latest Celine Dion CD kills iMacs!



I just posted the article Latest Celine Dion CD kills iMacs !.

A follow-up to yesterday’s story as
Profile and Simpson both used our newssubmit to tell us that the latest (copy-protected) Celine Dion CD, ‘A New Day Has Come’, can indeed cause serious damage…

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The PDF file from the Key2Audio website says it will not cause any damage to consumer players. SO now we can sue Sony and by the way i had to copy that disc any no slowdown with BlindWrite while copying with BindSuite 4!! :4 Keep on going with anti copying schemes… good for aur poor economy €€€€€ :+


Nice, looks like a legitimate trojan to me. What’s next. CD’s with a small C4 bomb attached to it?


I’m almost tempted to run out and buy an iMAC so that I can then put this CD in it and turn around and sue the hell out of the record industry for deliberate damanage to my computer hardware which breaks UK laws. I think they’ve over stepped their boundaries this time and I hope some people take them to court and sue the hell out of them. There’s a big difference between: Will not work on PC/Mac and Will break your computer. SUE THEM!! SUE THEM NOW!! Teach them to get rid of this copy protection!


Btw Someone called these cd’s CRAP. Computer Recorded Audio Program. Has a nice ring to it. :4


I don’t care, these protections will only be used on the “Top 50” :frowning: CDs… I call that CRAP ! (Jennifer Lopez, Destiny Childs, Celine Dion… that suck, just listen to real music !)


real music is PORN music! hehe


I definitely agree with nila. They have crossed the line - SUE THEM NOW! @Hsound: It would only be a matter of time until all CDs become protected this way if not anybody sued them right now.


Hmmm… this is really only the case in the situation that the cd-rom player doesn’t have a manual eject hole… If you try these cds on pc’s with a cd-rom player without manual eject hole you will get the same results… Nothing gets broken or needs to be repaired, only the cd has to be removed by opening up the cd-player!


upp3rd - for those of us that are computer literate that’s fine. For the 70% of people out there with little knowledge of computers they would have no idea what to do. This results in them not being able to put any CD’s in their computer till it’s fixed, some might not be able to use their computers, more phone calls to their support lines meaning a higher cost for the company they bought them from etc etc. Basically this protection is costing a lot of people a lot of time and energy and money and isn’t doing any good. Everyone can get these copy protected CD’s from online anyway. I really am totally shocked at the height of the Record industires stupidity. This one really is a new height for them, they’re fucking up tons of people’s lives and giving a lot of people extra costs (support lines for computer manufacturers) and no one is getting any better off of it. They’re gonna get sued big time, if not by the consumer, by the companies that are getting flooded with new tech support calls about CD’s that wont come out their machines.


nila: here, here. i totally agree. RIAA, grow up please.


Hey everybody! It’s bullshit; check this out:


You’re not going to sue anybody. Hopefully you understand that the moment you open your audio CD, you enter into an EULA that absolves the RIAA of any damages caused by said disc to any equipment. Wanna beat audio CD copy protection? Then stop giving the RIAA your damn money! BOYCOTT THE RIAA.


Are you sure the IMACS didn’t commit suicide? …Celine Dion…lol. All kidding aside, the best way to get rid of this protection is to make the sales of that particular disc plummet. Yes…boycott the RIAA … but even if you don’t like the songs…make them available for download so that the sales…and the damage to the firmware…won’t happen


Well, for one I don’t see nor am I able to read any kind of ELUA on any CD I’ve ever bought. Granted, I haven’t bought any CD’s in over three years, but correct me if I’m wrong, but I don’t think there can be an “implied ELUA”, so I dunno what you mean by that fb- however, this DOES open the doorway for a lawsuit. This is exactly what we’ve been waiting for in the copy-protection scheme. A way to prove that not only is the RIAA’s idea for copy protection completely stupid, but they’re also damaging to some computer systems. If I had an iMac, and this happened to me? Shit, I’d be in a lawyers office faster than a jackrabbit on crack. This is bullshit…


fb- they might have the EULA but whether or not they do, they also have laws that the EULA must follow and the EULA breaks the UK hacking laws by causing damage to the computer and so no matter what they say you can sue. It’s like me writing a EULA saying if you use my software I can kill you - great, wahoo - still doesn’t mean it’s legal and nor are these CD’s, not in the UK at least. They break some of the hacking laws and so the Record Industry could be sued. The EULA is their acceptable policy, it’s not a law under itself.


I don’t know which is worse. The fact the CDs damage iMacs or that the iMacs have been made so a CD can corrupt the bios.


The RIAA has invested their money in one of the best legal teams on the planet. Not only that but they own the majority of your judges and politicians. I really don’t see Joe Blow with a broken imac sueing a multi-billion $ conglomerate and winning. Get realistic guys.


Ehrm…, Guys, the law states that IF there is any EULA it MUST be clearly visible! (Ask your lawyers) And I don’t recall any cd-package were this is the case :4 .


It happens all the time fb- the tobacco industry is getting sued for millions by all the old smokers. It can happen and it does as long as people dont just give up and if they fight hard enough!