Latest BWAtool has problems in converting mds into bwa!

I tried to backup Frontline Attack (Italian Version) using the mds file made with Alcohol (build 1106) converted into BWA but the backup didn’t work (I wasted 2 cds :(( ). I’ve read other posts of people that did not succeed in doing bakcups of protected securom discs when they tried to use the mds converted into BWA.
So my opinion is that BWAtool has problems in converting correctly mds files!

i’m guessing they both read the CD differently… for the time being it’s better to use the BWA Builder.

Webcrawler the problem here is that I can’t extract infos with the BWA tool from the Liteon 48125W…it draws a vertical line for minutes and then I get an error message…that’s why I prefer Alcohol to extract the linear sector density (but unfortunately BWA doesn’t seem to convert it correctly).

strange even i’m on a LTR-48125W (actually a sony crx-195e1 converted) BWA builder works fine here, made a BWA file in like 15 mins @ 4x.

maybe you should mail the blindwrite team…

You’re right, BWA builder works only at 4x-2x and 1x speed with 48125W :frowning:

You don’t have a CD-ROM or DVD-ROM you could use as reader?

Yes but the speed is the same. I use Alcohol to do the DPM, then i convert MDS into BWA. It’s alot faster.

Maybe I should try the same, thx.