Latest brand of LG burner?

Just wondering guys whats the latest internal dvd burner that supports lightscribe and reads/write every other disc. If there isnt one i might go for the Benq 1655 DW…any recommendation? I want good quality lightscribe (does matter how long it takes) burning :stuck_out_tongue:

There are two models: GSA-H10L, which uses a Renesas chipset and GSA-H20L, which uses a Panasonic chipset.

It’s more like latest model of LG writer rather than latest brand isn’t it?

Pardon the noobness lol

I havent been able to find any GSA-H10L for sale in AUstralia (online search showed negative)…so i dont know how good it is yet.

Don’t worry about it. The H10L is a rather new model. The fact is that nobody quite understands in exactly which country and when, new LG models appear next.