Latest BD+ DRM update a tough nut to crack



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One of the big advantages of Blu-ray over HD DVD for the studios is the added layer of copy protection known as BD+, which was designed to allow for updates in the event of an existing version…

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I would gladly let them have their disc protections if they would just get rid of HDCP, JAVA discs and player region locking.


Ahh, I have faith in Slysoft. I bet you this is the reason for the recent anouncement of AnyHDDVD going to subscription service. They probably have to pay teams of people to crack the protections and probably have to have very robust equipment to help in that process. Eventually, this protection will reach a point where they won’t be able to do much anymore. Slysoft just needs to keep up with them until then.


The ‘security’ gravy-train rolls on some more.
It doesn’t stop the commercial pirates, it doesn’t even stop sharing, it just inconveniences people.
It’s all so utterly pointless - but it remains a vast income stream ultimately paid for by the consumer.
= a total (legal) rip-off.


We could all just simply boycott bluray for 6 months and they would strip ALL the protections - or go broke. This is what pisses me. We have the upper hand, but we just have to go out and screw ourselves with this tepid crap. Why? Because the “picture is so freakin’ sharp!” WTF? You are willing to pay for all this nuisance just for a handful of pixels?

The sad thing is all this DRM is costing us in higher equipment requirements, CPU power etc. No wonder a PS3 with a cell processor “outperforms” a set top box! The PS3 is subsidised by Sony in order to try and gain a market share. They lose their ass on each one. Imagine how great a BR player would perform without all the ACCS HDCP BD+, firmware “upgrades” encrytion keys Internet connections etc., it has to fiddle around with. It’s insane to support this new format- you all are cutting your own throats.

Boycott Bluray until they give us back our Fair Use rights! I guarantee they cannot last 12 months. In the meantime just buy DVDs and upscale them. Or heaven forbid-go to the movies with a friend.


So, boycott BluRay because they’ve taken away our Fair Use Rights. You want people to go back to standard DVDs which contain some insane amounts of protection which also take away our Fair Use Rights. The only difference is that there is software that can get around the protections on standard DVDs. You are suggesting boycotting and thereby strangling Sony and their BluRay allies while feeding Sony and the other standard DVD allies with money for their protections. Pardon me if I scratch my head as I see that to be utterly baffling.


Standard DVDs do contain DRM, but it does not require that your DVD player have an internet connection (thereby increasing the cost) and does not require periodic firmware updates (thereby increasing the cost) to allow you (whether or not you are a pirate) to play the disk.


All I am saying is fool me once shame on you…fool me twice shame on me–get it? I want to send a message like the one sent to the music industry. If you hobble your products with DRM that thwarts my legal rights, then I don’t want them.

CSS the encrytion on DVD is annoying as hell, especially in todays consumer market that sells devices that can carry compressed video. Why should I buy a movie in several different forms? Why can’t I take the one I bought and transfer it to my iPod or my EEEPc for a road trip?

The nice thing (for us) is that they cannot do a lot with CSS without “breaking” the huge install base of DVD players. If they could they would. With this newer more sopisticated scheme with internet capability, they can do all sorts of crap. All you need is provide for an Internet connection at your expense to keep your player “alive”. Otherwise, you have a doorstop.

The bottom line is with DVD you are hampered, with BR you are going to be CHARGED. this is all they are waiting for is for people to embrace BR and diitch DVD players. Then, the corporations can enhance cash flow after the sale, by charging you for every action that you wish to make. The annoying thing is we should be able to perform actions like backup or transfer to a digital portable device for free.

Still scratching your head? Maybe not.


I don’t get the connection to the internet bit. But if it really is as suggested here Sony will be taken to court left right and centre by Trading Standards for providing goods not fit for purpose. If you don’t have a web connection and your gear won’t play discs produced perhaps after a certain date, then Blu-ray will surely die, once people cotton onto this scam.

What a shame Blu-ray won the war…just like the VHS Betamax battle we got stuck with the inferior product.


Several of you have a valid point in saying that if we boycott Blu Ray we could force change. The problem is that we are a “nation of sheep” and will follow them wherever they want us to go, we piss and moan about DRM and Gasoline Prices and Political Decisions made on our behalf but we can never orginaze enough as a people to effect change, like I said, “A Nation of Sheep”


I think Blu-ray is a great product from the engineering standpoint and setting cost aside, arguably better than HD DVD was. The problem was two fold. Two formats were again being introduced at exactly the same time (just like DVD plus minus crap) Consumers only needing one and the market only able to support one. The only way to win the war in the eyes of the two camps was to provide content. In order to do that, they had to appease the studios passing out digital masters of their films with way over the top DRM measures. Unfortunately, HD DVD threw in the towel early on due to lack of content commiments from the studios. Sadly, we are left with the camp that contains the dismal format introducing history of Sony. Sony is not only involved in the development, but also they are a content provider. We can see that this is going to cause consumer acceptance problems, as they have a history of being over the top on proprietary systems and anti consumer DRM actions. They make Apple look good. Even Microsofts Bill Gates complained that Blu-ray was “Anti-consumer”. Now, if MS thinks you are anti-consumer…that’s not a good thing, considering the source. It’s kind of like a murderer looking down on a child molester in prison.


Benf1 - You are absolutely right…your average Joe Public bleat and baabaa, baaa and bleat as the Corporate Boys guide them to the slaughter shed for their instant profits.


If the major studios spent a little less time & money with DRM and perhaps worried a little bit more about the actual quality of the product that is being inflicted on the buying public, the world would be a better place.


I have faith in Slysoft and many of the coding gods out their to brake this damn crap.