Latest ANYDVD and CloneDvd versions?



Howdy everyone! Anybody know if Sly has come out with any very recent versions of ANYDVD or CloneDvd? Just checking… Thanks, Monument :stuck_out_tongue:


Howdy mate, how’s about you go and look for yourself, and check them against your versions :wink:


@ monument,

You can obtain the latest versions of AnyDVD/CloneDVD/CloneCD at any time by visiting SlySoft (

If you can also obtain revision history change log information by visiting the below SlySoft Web Links.

Also suggest the next time you desire up to date information concerning SlySoft software programs that you visit the SlySoft Web Site (( yourself and obtain this information. That way you obtain this information directly from the software manufacture.

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How about enabling the automatic update check and letting the programs check for themselves?


yes, that’s a very handy feature indeed. :bigsmile: As soon as a new version came out for AnyDVD and I connected to the 'net, the dialog box came up asking if I wanted to d/l the newest version of AnyDVD. Piece of cake. :bigsmile:

(added) Looks like Slysoft mastered “sheep” and “fox” long before the Dairy Queen guy in the commercial learned to speak “bee.” :bigsmile: LOL :bigsmile:


speak “bee.”
hahahah, bee. That does crack me up.


Ok, I just want to say thanks to the “senior members” who have shown maturity here and for providing patient, informative threads without flaming…Thanks! Monument.


IMHO, it’s just as easy to go to slysoft’s site and check your versions against what slysoft has, no need to wait for an answer :iagree:



I’m guessing you weren’t talking about my post… :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m sorry, that guy speaking bee is funny. :clap:


I was talking about Slysoft’s gracious preview download of up and coming newer versions we sometimes get to test here. They are awesome! :slight_smile:


@ monument,

If that’s what you are looking for I would use the magic Forum “Search” feature and search the CloneDVD/CloneCD/AnyDVD Forum.

That was not what you inquired about in your original posting #1 in this thread.

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Ok, but I meant to say the last thread. Ok, I am a newbie so please be patient. Thanks…Monument