Latest AnyDVD gets MANY more "Pack Header" msgs!

No it was in the posted image from Dr Who. :slight_smile:

We have the same version cynthia and there will be no more updates if you do a search even on google you’ll see why.

You posted image showed an old version number. That’s why. Guess it was an old image.

@cynthia_old, I see you wandered over from DD forum, your post count there is about 100X what it is here. Anyway, I do a lot of reading here and there this was the first post of your’s that i saw here. Just wanted to say hello, come over more often!

LOL, I recognized her as well. Thats why I chuckled when I saw Dr Who’s post for her to seek the reason for DVDD’s demise. :smiley:

I take it that there is a different version after that besides imgburn?

Hey Dr. Who; May I ask what that window you have in your post # 12 from ?,what program has that window?.

No problem it was dvd decrypter on the settings tab to specify the settings to make sure cynthia’s settings were correct. It was a simple print screen function put in paint. I don’t usually do that so I have no extra software to show just…

Thanks Dr. Who.