Latest AnyDVD gets MANY more "Pack Header" msgs!

After updating to, I’m getting hundreds more “Pack Header Not Found” errors from DVD Decrypter.

Is anyone else seeing this? I used to get these in previous versions, but not hundreds, like this!

  • Tim

do you have brute force unchecked ?

and also have the settings in the program as Elby CDIO - Elaboratebytes on decrypter as well settings at default?

Where is brute force located :confused:

This is located in tools>>>>settings>>>>CSS and is on the top lefthand side.

The other is in the same place but under the I/O tab.

In DVD Decrypter, in CSS I have the “I/O Key Exchange -> Brute Force” radio button selected (but not just “Brute Force”); should that be different?

For I/O, I have “ElbyCDIO - Elaborate Bytes” selected. Where is the default value you’re talking about?

  • Tim

the selected should be “none”.

Disable CSS cracking, AnyDVD is already doing this.

Thanks! How about this default “ElbyCDIO” setting you mention?
Also, I’ve ripped a bunch of DVDs already with CSS cracking on in both.
Will that produce defective copies?

  • Tim

Leave that as is.

Dr. Who – no, I meant, you mentioned TWO settings for ElbyCDIO, but I only see one. Where’s the 2nd (default) one you mention?

  • Tim

Sorry i didn’t read between the lines…DVD Decrypter

Hi Dr. Who – well, mine’s set up like that, too; but that’s just one ElbyCDIO setting. Where’s the 2nd one you mentioned, and were calling the “default”?

Perhaps I misunderstood you – you said “and also have the settings in the program as Elby CDIO - Elaboratebytes on decrypter as well settings at default?”

So Elby CDIO setting, as well as default setting? Are those two settings? Not sure what you meant there.

Anyway, I turned off the CSS cracking, and I’m still getting just as many “Pack Header Not Found” errors – hundreds of them from a single disc. Wasn’t getting more than a few in previous versions of AnyDVD.

So this isn’t happening to you?

  • Tim

I probably mistype or you might of misread I use these settings as default and had them on some DVD titles just used the ripper in any dvd when this happened as for your settings they are ok some disc do this not sure why. I guess wait and see if TRU or somebody more knowlegable has any other comments.

Thanks much! Hopefully it’s just a harmless glitch in the latest version.

  • Tim

This “glitch” is intentional, because AnyDVD does not touch bogus titlesets anymore. These Pack Header Warnings are … Warnings, not Errors. Ignore them. DVDDecrypter will continue to work fine.

Thanks James I was stumped after coaching and was still there. :clap:

Thanks much! I actually emailed your support address, but this answers it. Thanks again!

  • Tim

Perhaps someone should consider updating DVD Decrypter version to also. :slight_smile:

Hello Cynthia…

Well, I believe I am indeed using that version (the last released before it was decomissioned, correct?)

Were you addressing that to me?

  • Tim